EstablishedSeptember 25, 1999
Membership20 Members
HeadquarterNo Headquarter.
Secretary GeneralNo Secretary General.

G20 is the international forum, which consists of 20 members as the name of the organisation suggests. It is also called the Group of 20. The G20 countries account approximately 85% of the Gross World Product (GWP), 75% of the International Trade, 66% of the World Population, 50% of the World Land Area, and 80% of the Global Investment in Research and development.

Establishment of the Forum:

The forum was created on September 25, 1999, at a meeting of the finance ministers of the G7.

The first summit was held in 2008 at Washington, The United States.

In the year 2009 and 2010, the summits were organised semi-annually and since 2011 Cannes, France summit, all G20 summits have been held annually.

Members of the G20:

Currently, The APEC comprises 20 members. The G20 forum is made up of the 19 individual countries and the European Union.

flag-iconSaudi Arabiaflag-iconSouth Korea
flag-iconSouth Africaflag-iconTurkey
flag-iconUnited Kingdomflag-iconRussia
flag-iconUnited Statesflag-iconItaly

The Objectives of G20:

The main aim of the G20 forum was to address the major economic, financial and political global challenges.


There is no headquarter of G20.

India and G20:

India is a active member as well as one of the founding member of the G20 Forum.

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