GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)


EstablishedMay 25, 1981 (Abu Dhabi, UAE.)
Membership6 Members
HeadquarterRiyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Secretary GeneralAbdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani (Bahrain)

GCC is a regional intergovernmental, political, and economic council of countries.

Establishment of the Forum:

The charter of the gulf cooperation council was signed on May 25, 1981, at Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Members of the GCC:

Currently, GCC comprises six member states, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

flag-iconQatarflag-iconSaudi Arabia

The Objectives of GCC:

To coordinate between the member states in all the fields to achieve unity.

To formulate similar regulations in the fields of economic and financial affairs, commerce, customs and communications, education and culture, social and health affairs, information, and tourism affairs, and legislative and administrative affairs.

GCC Governance:

Supreme Council: It is the highest authority of the cooperation council and it is formed of heads of states of member states.

It sets the vision and goal of the GCC.

The supreme council holds one regular session every year.

If two third of the member states attend the meeting, it is considered valid and every member state has one vote in the council.

Ministerial Council: It is formed of the foreign ministers of the member states.

It convenes the meeting every three months.

It proposes the policies, prepare recommendations, studies, and projects aimed at developing cooperation and coordination between member states in various fields.

Secretariat General: The Supreme Council appoints the secretariat general.

It takes the decisions within its authority and implements decisions approved by the supreme council.


The headquarter of the GCC is situated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

India and GCC:

India is not a member of GCC.

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